Southern Voice Digital Knowledge Hub: COVID-19 in the Global South

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Naveeda Nazir • 26 October 2020

Southern Voice Think Tank Network had launched a digital knowledge hub on COVID-19 in the Global South. The digital hub provides an interactive space that compiles research from countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America on the impact the pandemic is having on those regions.

In this evolving hub, you will find the knowledge of our think tanks on a variety of life areas touched by the health crisis. They also offer possible answers to the dilemmas that have emerged during these daunting times. Many challenges that countries have in common and others that are unique to each context.

The digital hub contains 600+ items to date (articles, reports, webinars and podcasts), sorted according to their impact on the achievement of particular SDGs, by region, and by latest added contentIn addition, the hub has a searchable expert database. It comprises over 300 Southern scholars from 25 countries, who can be contacted for collaborations, events and expert commentary. To understand more about this new resource, read this recent article on IISD’s blog by SV Head of Communications, Gabriela Keseberg Dávalos. 

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