Launch of Smallholder Voices Portal

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Naveeda Nazir • 16 September 2020

The African Center for Economic Transformation (ACET) has created a Smallholder Voices portal to share case studies and initiatives on smallholder farmer voices to foster discussion and debate to inform policy making in Africa. 

The portal is part of a project funded by the Open Society Foundation (OSF). Under the project, ACET is conducting a global scan to identify successful and innovative efforts to foster market development and strengthen linkages between policy design and smallholder interests in areas such as employment, skills development and youth leadership, land tenure and agro-processing. 

The OSF Smallholder Voices (SHV) project seeks to promote informed agricultural policy dialogue focused on inclusivity and value creation among a wide range of stakeholders. This group of stakeholders will include smallholder farmers and other disadvantaged groups involved in agriculture, where there is an evident need for them to be more deeply involved and integrated into markets and influencing policy in general. 

Click here for the link to the platform.

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