Policy Brief by Suwadu Sakho-Jimbira and Ibrahima Hathie.

Key messages

  • Population growth, rapid urbanisation, and a young population are major trends shaping the future of African agriculture. They underlie profound changes in the evolution of food demand and contribute to the structuring of food markets.
  • African agriculture must take on these issues while facing the challenges of climate change and land degradation. If no adequate measures are taken, the future ability of agriculture to produce enough food could be jeopardised.
  • It is imperative to establish an integrated land management strategy by increasing organic matter, retaining moisture, and increasing the use of inorganic fertilisers.
  • Governments must invest in technical and professional agricultural education and training systems and strengthen the skills of young people and women to seize the entrepreneurship opportunities offered by agriculture and agri-food systems.
  • Policies must clearly support family farming and the facilitation of private sector intervention via inclusive business models.

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