HLPF Side event-Financing of SDGs

Nawra Mehrin • 11 July 2019
Event date 16 Jul '19 15:30 - 17:00
Event location UN Office of South-South Cooperation (UNOSSC) Conference Room, FF Building, 11th Floor (Room 1140) 304 E 45th Street, NY 10017

With rising aspirations linked to the SDGs, commitments of developing countries have multiplied. However, at the operational level major challenges include: managing capital in­flows efficiently; domestic resource mobilisation; and addressing capital ­iflght. Developing countries are also challenged by the inadequacy of long term development finance hindering rapid expansion in capacities to take care of the needs of social sector development, infrastructure, industrialisation and also climate change mitigation. Emergence of new institutions along with old actors is a crucial development in this regard. Further, new paradigms of sustainable development have to be mainstreamed in all forms of development financing; and domestic institutional capacities and preparedness have to be revisited. The fullfilment of the AAAA should be central to the implementation of the SDG 17. In this context, the constant and difficult challenges with regards to capital fl­ight; and responding to specific needs of developing countries in areas like industrialisation, SMEs, trade facilitation, skilling and gender, renewable energy and sustainable urbanisation should be prioritised.

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