This paper discusses  the role of peace and security in SSC debates, specifically in the African context. The author reinstates the relevance of the issues of peace and security to the BAPA+40 agenda and argues that they cannot be ignored, especially from an African standpoint. 

The paper concludes that peace and development are interlinked, and unless these issues are considered holistically, there will be no real progress in achieving the 2030 agenda. The following recommendations are also proposed for the BAPA+40 agenda:

  • Consider the linkages between peace and development and their relevance for SSC
  • Establish similarities between sustaining peace and SSC that can promote synergies between different frameworks
  • Unpack conceptual and implementation challenges between sustaining peace and SSC principles
  • Develop an understanding of what an emphasis on regionalisation means in the context of conflict prevention
  • Establish areas in which technical exchanges on peace and security should be focused
  • Promote a multi-stakeholder approach that ensures fundamental freedoms for everyone