EVENT: 2nd Steering Committee Meeting for the South-South Global Thinkers - the Global Coalition of Think Tank Networks for SSC

South-South Global Thinkers Team • 3 October 2018
Event date 27 Nov '18 09:00 - 18:00
Event location United Nations Headquarters • United States

The objective of the 2nd Steering Committee meeting is to review the progress of the Global Coalition and provide recommendations for the 2019 Annual Work Plan. 

The expected outcomes of the meeting are as follows:

  • - Review activities conducted in 2018 and reflect on the lessons – what has emerged from the first round of research pieces that were commissioned?  
  • - Identify and agree on the priority research topics to be conducted by the think tank networks.
  • - Identify research thematic area for the 2019 Independent Report on South-South Cooperation.
  • - Identify and agree on high-level policy events and advocacy campaigns at the global levels (ie. BAPA+40 side event, regional events).

The Steering committee meeting is open to 20-30 participants from think tank network members, representatives from UNOSSC, UNDP, funding partners and other invited observing members.  

For reference, please see concept note and agenda below.

For any questions, please contact Shams Banihani at: shams.banihani@unossc.org with copy to Nawra Mehrin nawra.mehrin@unossc.org

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