PRESS RELEASE: UNOSSC delegation discusses South-South collaboration with Yingke Network

South-South Global Thinkers Team • 1 June 2018

Article by Dingding Sun (UNOSSC Programme Coordination Specialist,

Mr. Jorge Chediek, Envoy of Secretary-General on South-South Cooperation and Director of UNOSSC, met Mr. MEI Xiangrong, Founder and CEO, Yingke Travel, Chairman of the Yingke Global Board of Directors, and Ms. Linda YANG, Executive Chairperson of the Yingke Global Board of Directors, at Yingke Group HQ in Beijing.

Mr. Chediek expressed his appreciation to Yingke Law Firm for its support of the South-South Global Thinkers initiative. The recent Global Thinkers event in Prague ( was a success because of Yingke’s support in mobilizing high-level participation and active engagement in the programme design and daily discussions.

During this meeting, Yingke Group and UNOSSC discussed the possibility of a joint project following a public-private partnership model, closely engaging Governments, the Private Sector and UN agencies. It is designed to be one pillar of the South-South Cooperation Poverty Eradication Facility, aiming to utilize tourism as an instrument for poverty alleviation through improving infrastructure, generating local employment, increasing local income, and developing local capacities.

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