BROCHURE: South-South Global Thinkers

South-South Global Thinkers Team • 21 November 2017

South-South Global Thinkers brochure

The mission of the South-South Global Thinkers is to be a platform for think tank networks from the Global South to exchange knowledge, pool multidisciplinary expertise, collaboratively conduct research, and engage in policy dialogues on South-South and triangular cooperation. Together we can provide the evidence base on how South-South and triangular cooperation can accelerate progress towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.


By bringing forward the voices and knowledge from various networks of think tanks around the world, we can better understand the concepts, methodologies, policy implications and solutions to bring South-South and triangular cooperation to scale, and empower governments and practitioners to realize the full potential of South-South and triangular cooperation towards a sustainable future for all.


Download our brochure for more information.