Over the past several years, the South-South global thinkers has supported the development of several research studies in line with its the 10 priority areas, and would like to consolidate the existing research and knowledge products to develop policy briefs by providing concise analysis and policy recommendations in the context of South-South and triangular cooperation for the achievement of the SDGs. These policy briefs seek to assist policy makers for informed policy and decisions making on employing SSC.

The Executive Secretariat proposes to consolidate the existing research and knowledge products from the think tank networks and to hire consultants to develop five policy briefs in the following 5 thematic areas (one policy brief per each thematic area) (based on synthesis from a desk review of literature, thematic areas from UNDP’s COVID Offer 2.0, and feedback from the internal consultation from UNDP colleagues across all regions and all levels):

  1. The transformative power of SSTC for digitalization
  2. Greater potential of SSTC in addressing climate change
  3. SSC as a driver for regional integration and inter-regional collaboration
  4. Scale and impact of SSTC through institutional change
  5. Impact and assessment framework of Triangular Cooperation

The policy briefs should also be aligned with UNDP’s Signature Solutions, and with the UNDP’s COVID-19 2.0 Offer - Beyond Recovery: Towards 2030.

To this end, UNDP is looking for two short-term consultants to develop four policy briefs related to the South-South Global Thinkers:

The deadline for applications is 15 November.