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Middle East and North Africa Public Administration Research (MENAPAR) is an NGO registered in Brussels, with its Secretariat in Bahrain and serving the MENA region. It is open to international membership and affiliated with the International Institute of Administrative Sciences (IIAS). It is a joint effort of the Bahrain Institute of Public Administration (BIPA) and UNDP-Bahrain with approximately 60 members currently. MENAPAR in its intrinsic nature is a model of South-South cooperation for knowledge creation and exchanges that occur among member's organizations and individuals from government and the civil society.

MENAPAR was conceptualized in June 2013 and has since conducted annual conferences in Bahrain, Tunisia, Oman and Palestine (2014-2017) producing approximately 400 scientific papers on topics ranging from the role of citizens in co-constructing public action, modernization of human resource management, the performance of public organizations and the role of public administration in building post-conflict states.

MENAPAR is also the lead organization of the Middle East and North Africa Public Administration Research Think Tank Network (MENAPAR TTN), one of the six members of the South-South Global Thinkers. In its institutional as well as global coalition membership capacity, MENAPAR's mandate is the development of a regional research agenda that promotes evidence-based policy and decision-making in public administration through developing thinking and a research culture about strategic issues in Arab public administration; building research capacities within Arab public administration and building networks and harnessing their collective efforts to set the cause of public administration in the region.

By strengthening the research ecosystem in the region, MENAPAR TTN hopes to facilitate the implementation of innovative ideas and develop an indigenous research discourse on public administration; one that tackles the problems of public administration in the region as identified by its local actors. It also hopes to provide a resource base for all actors in the Arab public administration scene‚Äč. As the regional research capacity and contributions increase through cooperation among the southern countries that make up the MENA region, the MENAPAR TTN sees this as a means for fostering sustainable development. For this it has several research proposals in the pipeline that it hopes to accomplish over the coming months and years.

MENAPAR TTN focal point is Shagufta Ahmad.

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