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  • When: Tuesday, 7 December 2021 at 08.00 am - 10.00 am (EDT)
  • How to Join: Click here for the Zoom link


The 2021/22 HDR will draw from and extend the discussions of the 2019 HDR (on inequalities) and of the 2020 HDR (on the structural risks of the Anthropocene), highlighting the ways in which inequalities and uncertainty interact with one another, fanning exclusion and polarization. Together, inequalities and uncertainty undermine for many a sense of control over one’s life, impeding their ability to do and be what they value and have reason to value – the expansion of which is central to human development. As we go deeper into the Anthropocene and as technology continues to race ahead, shocks (of which Covid-19 may be a harbinger of what might come) will persist and may even be heightened. The discussions around the climate/security nexus are another example.

The consultations on the 2021/2022 HDR intend to start a conversation on the themes of the report, with the purpose of seeking input and advice on report content from thematic and regional experts. These consultations will inform the report's development process and ensure that it speaks to key human development issues for people and policymakers.

To complement the overall consultative process, the Human Development Report Office (HDRO) will be leveraging the South-South Global Thinkers Network, a global coalition of Think-tank Networks on South-South Cooperation, supported jointly by UNOSSC and UNDP. The involves over 250 think tanks and research institutions, mostly from the global South, to jointly conduct evidence-based analysis, research, dialogue and advocacy to inform policymaking on South-South and triangular cooperation in the context of supporting the achievement of the SDGs.

Since 2019, the platform has been utilized to organize consultations with Southern Think Tanks to inform the upcoming HDRs. Given the diverse levels of economic, cultural, and social influence of the Global South, the southern perspective will help inform policy debates and advocacy, giving a broad view of development challenges and their solutions that are representative and unequivocally reflect or match the reality in the Global South.

Recognizing the importance of South-South Cooperation, the consultation is expected to provide insights on how South-South Cooperation can play a role in addressing issues related to inequalities, and uncertainties which include technology, and prospects and implications of economic, social, and political decisions. To this end, an e-discussion was launched from 8 November to 3 December 2021. Followed by which a virtual consultation is being held on 7 December 2021.




08.00 – 08.10

Opening Remarks by HDRO and UNOSSC

Mr. Pedro Conceicao, Director, Human Development Report Office

Ms. Xiaojun Grace Wang, Deputy Director, UNOSSC

Report Content and Metrics

08.10 – 08.15

Welcome and Scene-setting by HDRO

Mr. Heriberto Tapia, Research and Strategic Partnership Advisor, HDRO

08.15 – 09.55


  1.    Uncertain times – Anthropocene uncertainty & transition
  2.    Unsettled lives – threats and opportunities to human development in the Global South

  3.   Human Development Metrics: Presentation & Discussants

Presentation & Discussants 



09.55 – 10.00

Closing remarks

 by Ms. Faiza Effendi, Chief Effectiveness Group, UNDP