Virtual Brainstorming Session T2o Reforms for Upcoming G2o Developing Country Presidencies

South-South Global Thinkers Team
South-South Global Thinkers Team
  • When: November 24, 2021; 1600-1730 (IST)
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16.00-17.30 hrs

Opening Remarks & Broad Contours of T20:  Prof. Sachin Chaturvedi, Director General, RIS, India


Moderator : Dr. Priyadarshi Dash , Associate Professor, RIS, New Delhi


Lessons from the Past:

  •  Prof. Naoyuki Yoshino, Professor Emeritus (Economics), Keio University, Japan

    Ms. Gala Díaz Langou , Executive Director, CIPPEC, Argentina

  •   Dr. Imme Scholz,  Deputy Director, German   Development Institute (DIE), Germany

  •     Dr. Antonio Villafranca, Research Director,  Italian Institute for International Political Studies (ISPI), Italy

Current Challenges:

  •    Prof. Djisman Simandjuntak , T20 Co-Chair, Indonesia

  •   Dr. Riatu Mariatul Qibthiyyah, Director, LPEM, University of Indonesia

  •   Dr. Yose Rizal Damuri,  Head, Department of Economics, Centre for Strategic and International Studies, Jakarta


Contemporary and Future Priorities:

  •     Ms. Elizabeth Sidiropoulos, Chief Executive, South African Institute of International Affairs, South Africa

  •   Ms. Anita Prakash, Senior Policy Advisor (Int. Economic Relations), ERIA, Jakarta

  •       Dr. Nicolas Buchoud , Grand Alliance, Paris

  •      Dr. Ashraf Patel,  Senior Research Fellow, Institute for Global Dialogue, South Africa

  •       Mr. Augustine Peter, Visiting Fellow, RIS, New Delhi