• When: 8 September 2022 at 09:00 AM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)
  • How to Join: The global launch event will take place in a hybrid format and be open to the public via a livestream. Please register for the launch event at bit.ly/3QgIiq6.

We are living in uncertain times. The COVID-19 pandemic, now in its third year, continues to spin off new variants. The war in Ukraine is reverberating throughout the world, causing immense human suffering, including a cost-of-living crisis, while climate and ecological disasters threaten the world daily.

So where do we go from here for a more hopeful future? How do we find new paths? And what is standing in the way of us moving there? The upcoming 2021/22 Human Development Report (HDR), “Uncertain Times, Unsettled Lives: Shaping our Future in a Transforming World,” seeks to address these questions.

Set to be released on 8 September, the 2021/22 HDR is the third and final installment in a trilogy of reports including the 2019 report on inequalities and the 2020 report on the risks of the Anthropocene. The upcoming report examines how inequalities and uncertainty are reinforcing one another to drive polarization and undermine our sense of control over our lives – also building on the results of the 2022 special report on human security, which found that six out of seven people globally reported feeling insecure, even before the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

But crucially, this report is also about opportunity. It argues that in the end, working towards shared goals and doubling down on human development are critical to creating a future in which we can all thrive, however uncertain.

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